Our Customers

Our guests from left to right. Deputy State Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Cindy Daniel , Fayette County School Board President, Steve Bush , Fayette County Board Member, Steve Slokket , Fayette County Superintendent, Terry George and State Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Michael Martirano. Welcome to our store. It was a pleasure.
The "Red Hat Ladies". I am not entirely aware of the nature of the group. They are a colorful bunch and seem very relaxed. Remind me of a flock of Cardinals. So nice you could be with us. Please return and visit. Wish I had taken a better photo, it would have highlighted the hats.
Politicians, Pickers, Police and Other People Below.
The gentleman on the left is Mr. Lewis M. Ball owner operator of the Calvin General Store in Calvin, West Virginia. The fellow on the right, whose name I have forgotten, is holding a picture of Donnie Mayhew, a local picker who, to my amazement, has also visited the store and did a little pickin there as well.. If you are a picker, you owe it to yourself to go and visit Lewis. Don't blink, you will miss Calvin.
We have known Dave Sweet at our store for years. Mainly we sell him beer and cigarettes but when he told me that one of his banjos was for sale I knew I might get him to pick it. Being a banjo picking enthusiast myself, I would almost sell my soul to have "Betty the Bow" . Sure enough Dave came by and favored us with some pickin.  
Mr. Shirley Love running for the House of Delegates from the 32nd Delegate District and Mr. Dave Perry running for State Senate. Welcome to our store.
Diane Blume (Principal) Midland Trail High School receives 500 dollar grant from the Exxon Mobile Educational Alliance promoting Math and Science in our local community. Congradulations from your friends at New River Exxon. 
Were I a bit more focused when these gentlemen arrived at the store I would have mentioned everyone in the picture. As it is, my details are fuzzy but I offer the following information. To the left is the Honorable Evan H. Jenkins, Member of Congress, Third District of West Virginia. The photographer is Jordan Maynor, Field Representative. The two gentlemen in the center of the picture were introduced to me but sadly I have forgotten them. My sincere apology to you and if anyone can identify either or both of you, please correct me so I won't have to live in shame forever. The old man on the phone in the background is Old David Ross. 
New River Exxon is honored by the frequent visitors from the Fayette County Sherriff's  Office and The Office of the Prosecuting Attorney. We look forward to having you with us
We also want to give a word of thanks to these fine folks. We appreciate all that you do!

Loretta (Schmidt) was an Administrative Assistant at Hunter College for the School for Exceptional Children before starting a 37 year career with the National Park Service. Her assignments as an historian included research on Thomas Edison (inventor) and Theodore Roosevelt (explorer, writer, rancher, politician, conservationist). She has visited all 50 states and lived in Puerto Rico for 8 years. Her favorite foreign adventure was to Egypt where she was bitten by a horse near the Giza Pyramids!  Loretta says, "Life in West Virginia has been relatively calm and relaxing!"
Donnie Treadway, (the Mayor of Hico) or just Slick. Donnie spent 38 years with Bright of America and is a member of the Lighthouse Worship Center. You can find Donnie here at all hours of the day. He is probably the most well known visitor at our store.
This is Anslee age 4 from Victor. Her dad and I were standin here this morning trying to figure out what kind of hat she has on besides PINK. Looks like the cookie monster except cookie monster is blue. Well, I guess a 4 year old would know. 
This is Sherman from Mabscott, West Virginia. He and his son Donnie and Kevin (not related) were hangin out in their camo at the store. I offered to take Donnie and Kevin's picture but Donnie pointed to dad and said he was the man for the photo. Believe he was right. Sherman is a retired coal miner who spent 2 years in the Navy way back in the 60's. Now works for Advance Auto. I'd say Donnie did alright by dad. Fine Fellow.